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Korfball and Poker


Korfball might not be quite as popular as other sports such as Rugby, Poker or Cricket but it does share many of the same characteristics. One of the biggest similarities is that all four sports are played on the club level, with fans and groups organizing clubs and arranging matches in their local area. Fans themselves are largely responsible for spreading the love of each game, and taking it on themselves to get games going in new areas.


Korfball and Poker are especially similar as both are equally open to men and women alike, with no discrimination whatsoever; men and women share the Korfball court just as they share seats at the table in a Poker room. That appeal has lead both sports to expand around the globe, with Korfball now played in nearly 60 countries and major Poker tournaments held on six different continents each and every year.


Both korfball and Poker are also very social games; while players obviously compete to win they're also drawn together from very different backgrounds and setting by their love of the game, with people who'd otherwise have remained strangers becoming close friends. With no huge salaries and endorsement deals, most Korfball fans are competing for the love of the game and nothing more. Poker players may always have profits on their mind, it doesn't mean they can't be sociable at the tables, whether playing with old friends or making new ones.


Poker fans have it even better, as they can also enjoy Poker games online in addition to live games with friends. Online poker has quickly grown to become one of the most popular pastimes of online players, as it makes it quick and easy to get in a few hands no matter the time, night or day. With tens of thousands of players online at the biggest sites, you also have a wide range of games and limits available to you, far more than you’d ever find at a home poker game or local card room.

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